Crochet hats.

Well I told you in another post that I have really been enjoying crochet. For some reason I seem to be hung up on the hat patterns. I will show you the other hats I have finish now. All the patterns can be found on the internet they are free patterns. If you have any questions please contact me. Happy Crafting.



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New England Patriots coasters.

I was playing around with my sure cuts alot program, and decided to make some coasters for this  weekend football game. Not sure who hubby is for so I just did the New England Patriots coasters. 

These coasters are not for sale and you can not make them to sell. I was just playing around and they are for my own use.

You just need some 4×4 coasters and vinyl and you can come up with many ideas.  When you are done put coaster protectors on the bottom to give them the finishing touch.

Here is a picture of them. Any question just contact me. Happy Crafting


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Crochet owl hat.

Well it has been a while since I posted anything. Right now the craft I seem to be interested in is crocheting. It has been a while, but I am seeing so many fun patterns. I just did the owl hat for my granddaughter. The pattern came from . There are so many fun patterns out there to do right now.  Here is the finish picture of it. If you have any questions just contact me. Happy Crafting!!

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Christmas present for little girls.

I have a 3 year old granddaughter that is a girly girl.  She loves to have all the kinds of pretties that big sister has.  So to begin this project I sewed a purse for her. I took a regular purse pattern and cut it in half. Made it just the perfect size for her. Here is a photo of it.

It shows up really clear because I took a picture of it using a light box that I constructed for a friend of mine. I can see I really need to do one for me

Well after the purse we all know little girls need something to put in it. I had some monopoly fabric that I had left over from making a quilt. So that was perfect to make some play money….oops we need something to put the play money into now.  Made just a very simple zipper bag for the money.

Sure could of used the light box for that picture.

Well what purse is complete without credit cards? Went to Photoshop and got some credit card images and made her some credit cards. Wow if money was just this easy.

I have a picture of the credit card holder in an earlier post.  Then we put it all together and here is how it looks. Every little girl would love to have this.

If you have any questions on any of this please let me know.

Happy Crafting.

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HO HO HO Christmas Wreath.

I realize it is about time I put away the Halloween and start some Christmas projects. To start out with here is a wreath I first discovered on pinterest. Very easy to make just using nylon webbing that you can get at Hobby Lobby, a metal wreath, and twist ties, I used red pipe cleaners to put on my nylon webbing to the wreath.

Very simple just cut off 6″ of webbing, roll it and add a twist tie to the middle. Take the twist tie and wrap it around one of the metal rings on the wreath. You will want to do all the tiers on the wreath to make it full. The length of webbing you cut will determine the size of your wreath.

Here is what it looks like hanging on the front of the house.

Any question please drop me a line. Happy Crafting!!!!!

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Halloween Mini Canvas.

These are just to cute, and so simple. I got the mini canvas & easel set from Walmart. The canvas was only 2½, so they were to small for the decorations I wanted to put on it. So I had to get the 3X3 canvas, so it would fit. I covered it with newspaper, using modge podge. Waited for it to dry and then attached my decorations on the front.

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Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers.

Here are some ideas for candy bar wrappers. Once again very simple.

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On the Halloween theme, here is another quick and easy project. I used 1×1 inch blocks, painted them, and added stick ons. Now you can’t get any easier then that!


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Ding Dong the witch is in!

This one is a little more effort but just as fun to make. Take an oval wood paint it, and use vinyl letters for the words. I also used them for the dots, much easier than trying to paint them.

If you have any questions just contact me, and I will be glad to help you.



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Happy Halloween blocks.

As we are looking for Halloween decorations this time of  year, I have found a couple of easy cute idea.  I found a couple on pinterest and I am afraid I don’t know the web sites that the crafts came from. If you want to find them just search Halloween and they will pop up for you.

This one is 4×4 block, stain them then add a picture with modge podge. I found the vintage pictures on the internet. When dry add your vinyl letters.

Well my pictures didn’t want to cooperate with me. The Happy Halloween is done painting 1×1 inch blocks and using vinyl for the letter. Such an easy to do decoration. Have fun doing them.




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