Gratitude Book.

I wish I would of written about this book before now, but I’ve been busy making them.

I started out making a gratitude book for my two granddaughters, for Christmas. WELL, when everyone saw them I was asked to make more. Even my fifteen-year-old grandson wanted one, which really surprised me.

The purpose of the gratitude book is to stop and reflect on their day at the end of their day. Then write one thing that they were thankful for that day.

Here is how I made the book. Cut all your paper 6″ x 6″. Have a cover sheet for the front of each month. Decorate the cover sheet according to the month. Each month will have three sheets of paper. The days are written on lined posted notes, that have been cut to fit the page. Only ten days to each page except the last. Glue the posted note to the page.

One of the things I did in the book was, on a family birthday I wrote their name and then added a cupcake sticker. So, on that day, they don’t write anything; they are thankful for that person, being in their life. (we hope)

To put the book together, punch two holes in the top of the pages, and use two 1½” book rings to hold pages together. Then, I tied ribbons to the book rings for added decorations.

I hope the pictures give you some kind of idea what I am talking about. These books are fun to put together, and you can even let them decorate their own books, the way they would like them to be.

Any questions please contact me. I am even doing one myself. You can start it anytime during the year, it doesn’t have to be the beginning of the year. I think it is a good thing to stop and think of what good happened during your day, instead of the negative all the time.

Happy Crafting!!

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