Glitter Christmas Balls.

This is a fun easy project. You will need fine glitter, glass balls, Pledge with future shine floor wax, and I made a funnel for my glitter, out of paper, and I had ribbon to tie a bow around them. Here is a picture of what you will need.

Remove the top of the ball. Pour the floor wax into the glass balls, and move it around to get the whole inside wet, drain the excess back into the bottle. I used the funnel to pour in the glitter, roll it around making sure you get the whole inside covered. I let it set for a little bit before I replaced the holders on the top of the balls. Here is a picture of the finished glitter Christmas balls.

These are the small Christmas balls so the only decorations I will use on them, will be the bow on top. You can use all kind of things to decorate your Christmas ball, like vinyl, stickers, let your imagination loose on this project. Here are some I used stickers with.


They are really a lot of fun to make. Any questions please let me know.

Happy Crafting.

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