Little Monkeys All In A Row Clock.

I found a cheaper way to do a clock. If you are like me, you are all for cheaper. I went to Walmart and found some round clocks that were very inexpensive, less then it cost to buy the clock works for a clock. Here is what you need for the clock. Your clock, mod podge ( oh what would I do without mod podge?) a brush, your image to put in the clock, screwdrivers to get the clock apart, and scissors.  You will also need numbers for your clock I cut mine with my cricut and vinyl. Here is the picture that I started with:

Here is a little tutorial on how to do the image in photoshop:

Make a template of what you need for the size clock you have. 1) Open template in Photoshop 2)Open image in Photoshop 3) Make sure the image is of good quality 4) Bring image into the template 5) Roughly position the image over the circle 6) place the cursor between the image and the circle (in the layer’s palette) 7) Press the alt key and click between the image layer and the circle layer. 8 ) position the image to your desire 9) you can enlarge or shrink the image by pressing the control + T key to readjust the image. 10) tip: you should color correct the image before bringing in the picture to the clock template.

Take the clock apart remembering how the hands have been placed on the clock, because you will want to put them back on the same way. Mod podge your image to the base of the clock, I didn’t mod podge the front just the back. Replace your hands, and put the clock together again.

Here is one I finished using a black clock.

It makes a fun little clock, and you can do a cute little Christmas present for Grandma & Grandpa they can enjoy the whole year around. There is no limit to the clock faces you can make.

Hope you understand my instructions, it is really an easy project to do. I love easy too.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Karron Curtis says:

    Love the clock idea. I’m going to make one for a friend of mine.

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