Jingle All The Way.

A few years ago I loved working with wood. Then I started sewing and making quilts, and just didn’t do much with it. One of my favorite web sites is stumbleupon. I have seen lots of cute ideas with wood, and seeing it more in magazines.  So time to get the saws out and the sander and start doing some again. You will see me doing a lot of project with wood because I love working with it.

You will need wood cut and sanded, mod podge, paint, papers, letters. I cut mine with my circut with vinyl, paintbrush for paint and for mod podge.

The wood is cut out of a 2×4, that you can get at the lumber yard, sometimes if you ask they will cut your wood for you. the sizes of the blocks are:  3 blocks at 6” , 1 block at 3½”, 2 blocks at 4½” and a 2×4 piece cut at 14″. After you cut them make sure you sand them well.  Now the way I did it was painted them with an off white, let them dry and paint again. While you are waiting you can cut your design pages out for the wood. When the paint is dry mod podge the front of the block and carefully place your paper on it, and smooth it out. I let that dry then I put my letters on that I cut with my cricut. Them mod podge again. For the decoration I just cut some ribbons and tie bells with a jewelry wire. Then I E6000 glued it to the block with the L. 

This is how it looks with just the paper mod podged on.

Before you glue  your paper on it you might want to distress it, by sanding the edges very lightly. I distressed mine very little but kind of liked the look on it. So now for the finished product.

Now the only problem is, is keeping it for myself. Everyone that sees it falls in love with it. It was a very fun project to do. If you have any questions just contact me and I will get back to you.

Happy Crafting!!

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