Don’t put things off!!!!

It was a sad weekend at our house. A schoolmate of my daughters passed away last week. She had been placed in a nursing home because she had Alzheimer’s. I was busy making small quilt hangings to hang on her door. They were for the months of the year. Here is one that I had just finish for Oct. I had known for a while that she had been not doing well. So now I am sad because she will never see them. She would of been so excited to receive them. Her little face would of lit up and she would have rubbed her hands together as she was always so happy and loved everything that was given to her. My daughter and Carla attended school together from the time they were little girls. Now, they are both in their 40s. Amy is so proud she will be 41 this Wednesday. They both were born with down syndrome, and if you know someone with down syndrome you know what a loving kind person they are.  So if you are putting off that phone call or a visit to someone, please do it today. Because they might not have tomorrow to share with you.

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