Football Kraft Block Night Light

This is a fun project any little boy and man will love to have for his special room. To start the project you will need a Glass Kraft Block I got mine from Hobby Lobby, ultra fine glitter, future floor finish, block stand to hold the glass block, night light, and decals to put on the glass. I made mine with my cricut and vinyl.
I don’t have all the products you need in the pictures, becasue right now all my crafts items are packed away, while we redo a craft room for me. WOW a new craft room for me I cant wait till it is done, lots more room for me. In the mean time we just have to make do with what we can find, which wasn’t much, but you get the idea.

First pour the floor wax into the glass block spread it around till the surfaces get coated. Then pour the excess out. Next take the color of ulta fine glitter that you choose and cover the inside of the block with it, till it is competely covered. Shake out the excess out onto a piece of paper. Now you are ready to decorate the outside of the block. You can use decals that you buy or you can chose to make your own like i did. You will only be limited by your imagination. As you can see I did both sides of the block. When it is dried you can put the night light in the middle and put it in the stand. If you dont want to use as a night light, just don’t put in the light.

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