Spoon Ring from Grandma’s chest.

I am so excited to tell you about a company that makes silverware into beautiful jewelry. I happened to meet them when I went to a craft fair and saw their booth with all this beautiful jewelry. As we were talking they said that they get a  lot of request to do rings out of silverware from grandmothers’ silverware chest. It realized my grandmother had beautiful silverware that my sister inheired. I had never receive anything to past down to my children from my grandmother, and I thought if only I could get a piece of that silverware.

Well I decided doesn’t hurt to ask, all she can say is no. As soon as I got home and could get to my phone, I called her ready to beg, like get down on my knees and beg!! To my surprise she said she would love to have a keepsake like that also. So as we talked we decided that was one way we could share grandma’s silverware with our sisters.  Wow I never knew I could beg that good.

Got home and found my card lol, like I might lose things. My craft room is a little crowded you know. Found Deb’s number and called her. Asked if I could get these 4 rings done, and when would be a good time to send them. She was so nice and helpful, a total delight to talk to on the phone.  I bet you are going to tell me to shut up and tell you she is.  Well hang on cause I am going to soon. But first I have to tell you, I sent out the silverware to Hastings, NE with the fear that I would never see them again. Well let me tell you, In no time at all I had them back. I wanted to cry when I held my ring in my hand. This was something of my grandmothers that I remember so well as a little girl. Something that I can have forever to remember her by, and something that I can pass down to my daughter.  Deb is so friendly you won’t want to get off the phone with her. This ring that means so much to me only cost me 13.95 when I sent her my silverware to do it. Her web site is www.heartcreations.com.

You can see the beautiful things that she makes there. If you have part of grandma silverware that you would like to share with your sisters, or they even have ideas for men. Go to the web site or give her a call in Hasting, NE 402-463-2207.

It is a keepsake for a lifetime. You can see I’m so excited about this because I do not know Deb, I just know what a beautiful job she did to make my grandma’s silverware a beautiful ring for me.  Bet you want to see it now. So here it is, remember I am not a photographer.

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  1. Ted says:

    nice picture! wonder who fixed it up? winks.

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