Washers Necklaces

Well it is past time to get crafting again. So here is the shopping list of things for this project. You will need a metal washer found in the hardware store, mod podge, E-6000 glue depending on the decorations you use, hole punches, diamond glaze, scissors, necklace to put it on, paper and some decorations,Iused embossed metal hearts from making memories. Here is a picture to help you out.

the supplies I used.

First off I cut my paper the size of my washer, using my paper punches ,and mod podged it onto the washer, then I cut some small decorations out of the paper and mod podge it on the washer. Using my E-6000 glue I glued on my metal embossed heart to the washer. Then I took the diamond glaze and gently applied it to the project I didn’t apply it over the metal heart, I didn’t want a glass look over it.  Then the last step is just to loop the necklace over the washer and you have the finish product. Any question please contact me, and I will try to get right back to you. Picture will be up just as soon as the Diamond glaze dries lol I keep sticking my finger in it, it is drying way to slow for me. I am sure you all know how that goes. I am one that just can’t wait!!!!  Happy Crafting. Its done drying YaY here’s the picture!

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