Redneck wine glass

Whew, it is about time I got something new up here. I decided I was going to do it last night and NOTHING was going to stop me!!! Well, I was wrong because I went and spent the night in the hospital, so not fun. It is amazing how many ways the doctors can come up with to stick you with a needle. I won’t complain too much, my nurses were awesome, they took very good care of me, and I did get to come home today.

OK, I am sure no one here cares, lol, you are yelling at me, come on lets see the wine glasses, so here we go. These are so simple, so simple it took me two weeks to get the candle holders and I was finally able to get someone to travel a hundred miles from me, to get the materials I ordered. The store kept promising me they would be here, Monday, on the truck. Monday would come and No candle sticks. Oh, it is hard to live in a small town. But I am sure we have all gone through this one time or another. Anyways, the supply list is short. What I am using is a 4″ candle stick holder and jelly jars; I like the looks of the jelly jars better then a ball canning jar; and then you need glue that is made for glass, I am using E-6000. Photo please!!

Glue the candlestick to the bottom of the jelly jar, using your glue’s instructions. It is important to let it sit for 24 to 48 hours before handling it, so the glue can set. Then use your imagination to make stem jewelry for it. I haven’t gotten my jewelry made yet, but there is a lot of ideas that you can do,  just have fun with it. Now for the finished Redneck wine glass.

Any questions please email them to me and I will get right back to you. Have fun crafting.

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  1. Elaine R. Bowen says:

    So where can I get these candle holders?

  2. kim says:

    Can you wash them in the dishwasher or by hand. Thanks

    • Linda says:

      To be on the Safe side I have alway washed them by hand.

    • Mary says:


    • Starlene Biggs says:

      I made 8 of these so far. 4 Jelly, and 4 quart size. I used E-6000 glue. I allowed the glue to dry for 3 to 5 days. Then I took the lids off and ran the glasses through the dishwasher, and heating cycle. Everything came out just fine! My husband has a sporting goods, and said he would sell them there for me. Very excited to make many more now!

  3. angela says:

    You can go to the Dollar General website and order them by the case and have them shipped to the store of your choice for pick-up. The best part of that is it is free as long as you have them shipped to the store. That is what I did because it is so hard to find the amoutn you need at the store without having to visit very Dollar General in my area. Hope this helps.

  4. kiwi says:

    where do i find the ball canning jars? whats the most difficult or challenging part about making the them?

  5. Bar says:

    NO! Dont pay $1 for the candle holders……go to your local thrift store and get them .25 cents each! Ball Jars too!!! Each one will only cost you .50 each!

  6. Jayme says:

    I made my wine glasses just as instructions told, and when I put ice in the jar, they fall apart… so the next one I made, I let it sit longer (3 days) … then when I put it in hot water, it fell apart. Any idea’s on why?

    • Linda says:

      Did you use E6000 glue. As of yet I have had no trouble with any breakage. I have no idea why they broke. Was the glass thinner maybe? Has anyone else had problems like this?

      • Megan says:

        I made these using Epoxy (a glue recommended on other sites) and mine fell apart. Of course, I didn’t find this out until a buyer sent me a photo of her shipment with the stems detached from the mason jars! I am so upset-I have made so many of these and now am too afraid to ship them out. I assume they fell apart from the heat (I shipped to Texas-the temps have been in the 100s). I discovered Epoxy can’t handle heat after I painted the mason jars and needed to bake them to set the paint-the wine glasses fell apart in the oven. A lot of terrible lessons learned this week! However, now I need to correct these errors-how will E6000 endure the heat??

        • Linda says:

          Has anyone on the site had problems with E6000 glue breaking apart? So far none of mine have, but I havent gave them much use. Please if you have let us know.

          • Lisa says:

            Linda, I’ve had a terrible time. They’re fine until they hit water then they come apart just like that. I’m trying to find something else that will hold them together. Ugggg. Glad yours are fine though.

        • Sharon Marshall says:

          Have you tried liquid nails adhesive? It is for interior and exterior household uses. I have used it and also washed the piece in the dishwasher, and it stayed together. I think since you can use it for areas outside of your home, it can handle the heat. And I know about heat because I live in San Antonio, Texas!

          • Joe says:

            Liquid nail has a color to it it is not clear if so where.

          • Julie says:

            Hi Sharon
            I’m getting ready to make alot of the glasses for a party. I’m nervous about the glue holding up, especially if the glass is filled with liquid and ice or when washing. Are you still having luck with the liquid nail product? If so, any particular kind?

          • Jordan says:

            Sharon, where can you buy it?

      • Sharon Bundshuh says:

        Where do you get the e6000.

      • sandra says:

        mine came apart too

    • Lynn Thuna says:

      i am having the same problem you are having the glue is not holding them together please let me know if you found or received the answer would love to hear from someone out there

      • Laura B M says:

        if you take sand papper and sand the top of the candle holder and the bottom of the jar, the glue sticks and holds great. good luck!

    • Alicia says:

      With E6000 you have to wait a couple of minutes, for it to become tacky, before you put the jar and base together. It also needs a few days to cure before being used or washed. Haven’t had any problems with mine so far. HTH!!!

      • Alicia says:

        Oh yeah! The sandpaper like Laura said. You have to rough up the glass to give the glue more holding power.

  7. Cindy Straub says:

    Does this glue hold up well with use? I’ve tried Locktite super glue and another glue recommended by a clerk at Joann Fabrics and neither has worked well - they’ve fallen apart.

    • Linda says:

      I have had no problem with the glue, but the comment just before this one said she did. I am waiting for comments from other people responding to see if they have. I haven’t had any glasses break on me yet.

      • pam says:

        I use locktite epoxy quickset multipurpose glue. I have made dozens of these and have never had a problem. I clean the bottom of the mason or jelly jar and the rim of the candlestick with acetone based fingernail polish remover. this preps the areas for the glue. let them dry for about 10 minutes. I mix up a batch of the glue on a paper plate. (about a 3 inch circle for six to eight glasses) then dip the rim of the candlestick in the glue and immediately place it on the inverted jar. the bond takes at least 15 minutes to set, then i leave them undisturbed for another couple of hours. If you want to jazz them up with a little color, I glue a colored marble into the cup of the candlestick before I place it on the mason or jelly jar.

        • jen says:

          I love the marble idea! I’m thinking about what else I could put in that little space now. Thanks for the inspiration!

          • Sharon Marshall says:

            crystals? Anything shiney works for me!!

          • Patricia says:

            I fill the space using the coloured course sand usually used at the bottom of larger candle holders to hold votives. It comes in all sorts of colours and can be found in any craft store (including dollar stores). I am from Canada and I am having trouble finding the candle holders. No dollar store carries them and I have scoured all the second hand stores such as Value village etc., and pretty much cleaned them out. Any suggestions?

  8. sharri davis says:

    I saw the glasses in a catalog & went yard selling, got a box of jars for $5 & 12 candle sticks for $3. Just need the glue & Christmas gifts are done. It’s make a gift for everyone this year theme.

  9. Rise says:

    I tried the E6000 and the jar did not adhere to the candlestick….so I used Gorilla Glue and it has stuck…but they are still sitting on my kitchen counter and have not been handled!

  10. pam says:

    I use locktite epoxy quickset multipurpose glue. I have made dozens of these and have never had a problem. I clean the bottom of the mason or jelly jar and the rim of the candlestick with acetone based fingernail polish remover. this preps the areas for the glue. let them dry for about 10 minutes. I mix up a batch of the glue on a paper plate. (about a 3 inch circle for six to eight glasses) then dip the rim of the candlestick in the glue and immediately place it on the inverted jar. the bond takes at least 15 minutes to set, then i leave them undisturbed for another couple of hours. If you want to jazz them up with a little color, I glue a colored marble into the cup of the candlestick before I place it on the mason or jelly jar.

  11. Lisa says:

    I’ve used E6000 and they hold fine until they hit the water and they it just seems to disolve the glue. Anyone find any glue that holding during hand washing?


    • Rhonda says:

      I use E6000 and hand wash and have had no problems. The lady who said she paints hers and puts them in the oven….why can’t you paint them first and put them in the oven, then when dry glue them together?

  12. Janice lauer says:

    i may try locktite glass glue. i also saw a recommendation for uv glass glue ,but you need a uv light to cure it or a sunny day. does the locktite say epoxy for glass or just epoxy quick set multipurpose. I have a uv lite from my hairdressing and facial days. says its permanent. Am making these for a wedding couple who will have mason jars ion the tables. thanks j lauer

  13. tammy says:

    you should fine grit sandpaper on both the bottom of the jar and top of candlestick. I have not had a problem with the glue sticking once you sand them. You need to do this it gives a rougher surface and the glue will have something to set into, as the jars and the holders have slick surfaces. These also should only be handwashed. I usually just wash the inside of the jar and then rinse the stem as it dont usually get dirty. i go the thrift stores and flea markets looking candle holders. i also order them from dollar tree. with a little imagination you can use all sort of different things for the stems.

  14. Joanie says:

    I use E6000 for almost anything that I want to really stay glued. So far, I havent had a problem with it.

  15. ann says:

    i went to the dollar tree website and nothing like this came up?

  16. Sharon B. says:

    Do you have the “story” that comes along with some of these glasses? My friend has a set and they came along with a tag telling all about the “Red Neck Wine Glass”. I am making these for my daughter’s wedding reception and would love to include it. Thanks!!

  17. missy says:

    after reading the comments about the glasses falling apart with the e-600 glue, i filled mine with boiling water and ran them under very hot water and they did not fall apart or even budge.

  18. CINDY says:

    I have had a hard time find the glass candle stick holders….any suggestions? I’ve gone to Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Hobby Lobby…none found in my area. Any info would be appreciated.

  19. Kendra says:

    Tammy what kind of glue did you use for those?

  20. Nancy says:

    Use some light weight sand paper on the bottom of the jar and the top of the candle stick. I sand and then glue with 2 part epoxy-they have never fallen apart.

  21. CINDY says:

    Any new info on the glue? I used E6000 — let it set for 24 hours — put it in the sink with hot water-came unglued…guess I really did the wrong thing…I was trying to “test” it — but in all reality, the glass will not be soaked when used…only handwashed…glued another one and will see what happens…Did anyone ever try regular hot glue from a glue gun?

  22. lela wilson says:

    e-6000 did not work for my glasses, even when sanded first. I am having great luck w/ liquid nails… “perfect glue”. Only found it at Home Depot. It costs a bit more but dries clear and seems strong. I find not touching the glasses for at least 3 days is very helpful in the ciring process, no matter what the glue says.

  23. aaron bolin says:

    what kind of appoxy is best to use? im making some for my wedding next month.

  24. Jeff Bein says:

    I make and ship these all over. I also make custom glass bottles and candle holders.
    first of you need to use ball mason jars. it ties back to the good ole days when you sipped moonshine from a mason jar. adds to the mystic of the glass.

    To glue the stems to the glass I use a combination. first use quick grip glue made by beacon. you can get it at Walmart in the arts and craft section (usually right by the E6000). I don’t sand the parts or anything it is weather and waterproof. About an hour after I apply the quick grip, I go around the edge and apply future glue (the new krazy glue), in the same fashion as you would use caulk. It will dry in a minute. this causes the edge to seal and harden.

    I buy my sticks at dollar tree after exhausting the local thrift stores. buy one and if you want bulk then save your upc code. when you call dollar tree home office give them the upc code and they will furnish what you need.

    I also saw that people were asking about verbiage on a card. I made up my own. It goes something like this. thanks for getting a red neck wine glass. these fine dining glasses will dress up important occasions like weddings, and the first day of deer season. I have several sizes from the small sample size (enough to wet your whistle), a medium I call the sipper, and a full quart size I call the big gulp. I also include lid which I call the commuter accessory.

    hope this helps you guys
    ace of alabama
    froggtoggs2 on facebook

    • Lynda Robbins says:

      Hi Jeff,
      I see you have made dozens of these, and I would like to try my hand at it. May I ask how much you sell them for? Thanks for all your help.


  25. paula says:

    I have heard you can “set” your e-6000 in a pre heated oven. Heat to 350 degrees, turn off the heat, put your work in the oven and allow it to cool. I have not made any of these but as soon as I gather the supplies I will. Keep posting so I’ll know which glue to buy. Thanks

  26. Nancy says:

    The wine glass I have says “Red Neck Wine Glass - Your pour the wine and I’ll cut the cheese!”

  27. Laura says:

    I have used E600, Weldbond, and Super Glue Clear Glass Adhesive and all come apart in the dishwasher. I had high hopes for the Super Glue as it is made for glass on glass, but it is difficult to use because they set faster than I can place them and some of the glasses come out a bit lopsided. The Weldbond gives me plenty of time to get them aligned well, but it takes several days to fully dry. With all the glues I’ve tried, just soaking the glasses in hot water gets the glue soft enough for them to come apart. I have used fingernail polish to help remove the glue that stays after they come apart. I am still making them for Christmas gifts but will advise hand washing without hot soaking.

  28. Sherry Morrison says:

    Now you’re scaring me. I’ve made one using GOOP Automotive and just soaked in hot water and then ice and water. No pop offs. Will do the sandpaper thing and cleaning with nail polish remover just to double chances of good adherance. Love the idea of bling in the candle stick, will try that. Will also put a note in them to handle as you would all of your fine crystal -hand wash and dry immediately.

  29. Dianne says:

    I’ve been told to use aquarium glue. Haven’t tried it yet but am going to tomorrow!

    • Lori Moody says:

      I also used aquarium glue purchased from Lowes. Worked great, no issues with hand washing. Have held up for over a year.

  30. Pam says:

    I’ve made loads of these with E-6000 and no problem. I do lightly sand the bottom of the Ball jar and the top of the candlestick and wipe off any dust then apply the glue (E-6000). and let dry overnight. The candle sticks can be ordered from . SKU: 915433 glass candle holders 4″. I order them online and have them sent to the store nearest me (to avoid shipping cost) You prepay them and then they email you when they are in , it’s very simple. Recommend hand washing only . Good luck.

  31. Donna says:

    I saw one called the cowboy wine glass and it had a little card attached and it said something about keeping out the skeeters and other bugs. I wish that I could find the exact wording as it was really neat.

    • Sherry Morrison says:

      may be what you’re looking for-
      You don’t have to be a Redneck, Cowboy or even a Hillbilly to enjoy this glass. Everyone is in lovewith it and will remember it. There’s a lid to keep the dog from lickin’ your drink and even keeps you from spillin’…Heck it even keeps the bugs out! Perfect for wine, beer or even iced tea.

  32. Jenny says:

    I found the candlesticks at Hobby Lobby. Checked every dollar store in town. Just needed to make 8 for bridesmaids. They were 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby; I paid $1.50/ea.

  33. Kate says:

    Not sure what to do with the mason jar lids? Do you glue the inner circle piece to the outer ring/screw top?

    • Annette says:

      Do not glue the lid pieces together. They are made to be apart. You can also buy different colors of the inner circle piece.

  34. Lori says:

    I ordered a case of the candlesticks from They can be delivered to you either by UPS or if you have a Dollar Tree close you can just go to the store and pick them up for free! I got the Ball 8oz jars on sale at Kroger for $9 a case!

  35. Larry says:

    I too found the ‘Redneck Wine Glasses’ too good to pass up. Made a set for some inlaws. One stayed together, one did not. I asked my daughter who does a ton of glass jewelry and uses E-6000 about it. She offered this advice- 1.) always clear the first part of the glue out from the neck of the tube, the fresher the better. 2.) rough and cleaned surfaces do help 3.) don’t be shy with it, it must have enough to form a good seal. 4.) put it together quickly, don’t let it skin up on you 5.) set the two pieces together quickly and do not disturb them for 24 hrs. Because it is glass to glass it will take a long time for the glue to cure…so don’t try heat or water for at least 2 or 3 days.

    She says that the E-6000 is good glue for glass, but you have to get the hang of it.
    The packaging says it is washer and dryer safe….so it can handle basic exposure to water and heat…..but even so I would hesitate to put it into a dishwasher. I believe the temps in some dishwashers could cause the air inside the candle stick section to expand and force the two pieces apart.

    My experience : First one came apart. I had used the glue in the neck….and was trying to set a thin bead that wouldn’t be seen. On the second one I used a good amount of fresh glue and it has held up so far.

  36. Brenda says:

    Liquid glass from Hobby Lobby! Fantastic

  37. teresa seaman says:

    i m making these for christmas presents but also making redneck candy dishes and redneck candleabras….i use beacon 527 glue it’s awesome ! dries clear and is water proof…not sure about putting it in heat though cuz i use my cricut w vinyl to decorate outside…

  38. Karen says:

    The LocTite glass glue says that you must cure it for a WEEK before you put it in the dishwasher. I made mine Sunday, and I’ll need to test it by Friday night, so we’ll see what happens!

    • Brenda says:

      Karen, I know by now you have had time to test your redneck glasses…did the glue you used hold up or did it fall apart?? Curious about which glue to try now. Please let us know on this. Thanks and I hope it worked out for you so I to will know what to use.

  39. Annie says:

    I use GOOP Amazing Glue…dries clears, extremely strong! I have never had a prob with them falling apart using this glue

  40. Karen says:

    They didn’t hold. I went out and got the Beacon glue that Jeff suggested, but so far I haven’t been able to find the Future Glue. I tried Walmart (both the crafts and DIY sections), Home Depot and JoAnn Fabric and Crafts as well as the local hardware store. I have to run to Rite Aid this morning, so I’m going to check there…you just never know.

    I also picked up some epoxy. What do I have to lose at this point?

    Some of them cooled before I could fully dissemble them, and they held together once cooled. The only problem is that the water had gotten into the candlestick so I had to re-heat them to take them apart.

    • Novella Rosson says:

      Karen, I called the Future glue company and in our area, North Texas, the glue was only available at True Value and Michael’s stores. Going to Michaels today to see if I can get some there. Have had the best luck so far with Beacon Quick Grip, All Purpose Permanent Adhesive…got that at Walmart.

  41. Kirsten says:

    Guys- my dad and I make and sell these, so I thought I’d help. First off, you cannot use ANY candlestick: when buying your candlestick, you must run your fingers across the top to look for tiny imperfections from when the glass is removed from the molds. At times, the rim isn’t even level all the way across, and you can’t tell with the naked eye. This has caused us to buy all of our candlestick holders in person. Second, you must always CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! You cannot use E6000 without cleaning BOTH surfaces first, as it says in the directions on the glue bottle. If you choose to sand the glass, which many people think helps the glue to set, clean it thoroughly again, because any granulated glass left behind will cause an issue with glue setting. If you clean with nail polish remover or soap, make sure it is free of dyes and moisturizers, as these also affect grip, and are found in most of these items. The most important step is, at last, DO NOT TOUCH THEM FOR A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS. E6000 seems moveable after only a few hours, but it is not. We keep ours upside down, in a warm room where the temperature remains constant, as fluctuations affect the glass and glue setting together. We leave them alone for a few days before filling the bottoms with Spanish moss and candy.

    Always remember that the typical dishes we use on a daily basis are not comprised of glue. Handwashing is the way! No clear-drying glue will hold up when submerged for longer periods of time, and this is usually because the heat, or lack there of, will affect glue and glass. Aquarium glue is usually seen as affective, but this is because an aquarium remains at a fairly constant temperature or else you risk the life inside of it. Glue swells when heated and shrinks as the water or glass itself cools. It’s just better to do a gentle handwashing in luke warm, room temp water, then gently dry with a cloth. As someone smart said above: Handmade = Handwash!

    Hope this helps everyone out, and goodluck in your endeavors! <3

  42. Mandy says:

    I saw some of these darling glasses on another website & am dying to make them. The ones I saw had a hole punched in the top of the mason jar lid so a straw can be used. It almost looked like it was done with a machine because the edges of the hole was rounded - sort of like a gramet. Any suggestions on how this is done?

  43. Jana says:

    Has anyone tried running a bead of clear silicone around the bottom where they are glued together? I was going to attempt these, and that was my plan…it should be heat/cold/water proof…

  44. Annette says:

    I am also having an issue with the E6000. After reading the earlier post I myself got scared and put my glasses through a test. (This was about 24 hours after I glued them)First I filled them with ice to see what would happen, after 10 minutes of that they were fine. I let them return to room temperature then ran hot water into them for 2 minutes, 7 out of 10 glasses cam apart. I think I made two HUGH mistakes: 1) did not let them set for 24 hours straight before messing with, 2) did not use enough glue. I was trying to use a thin layer.

  45. Sarah says:

    I used a 2 part, 5 minute epoxy. I cleaned the glass with alcohol and then put thin layer on candle sticks then set on jars for 60 minutes. So far so good… Thanks for the info on ordering the candle sticks to the dollar store. It was easy and convenient.

  46. Donna Austin says:

    FINALLY A SOLUTION! There is a new product out there called SUGRU that is waterproof and permanent. It dries to a silicone-like finish, and it lends itself to the redneck style. No need to worry about imperfect candlesticks with nicks, either. You can find out more about it at

    short video here:

    Make your own here (I did not try this):

  47. Scott says:

    I just saw this ran out got some candlesticks at the Salvation Army, .99 a piece, some half pint Ball Jars and some epoxy. Seems to work I’ll know more this Saturday. Fun idea and a fun gift for some of my snobby friends.

  48. Carol says:

    I used Amazing Goop all purpose contact adhesive and sealent. None of mine fell apart…i left mine to dry for a week, to get rid of the smell. I made several sets.

  49. Jackie says:

    I have been everywhere looking for the particular candle holders shown but have had absolutely NO LUCK! I have been to Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Fred’s, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I pretty nmuch decided they were antique. Really! Well, today, I finally found something at Walmart I think will work. There are tagged as ‘Pinch Decanter/Bud Vase’ (4″ tall; 1.5oz). I may need to go with the smaller jars vs. the next size but hopefully they’ll turn out decent.

  50. gayla says:

    Used Gorilla Glue precision pen……was set in a few minutes…..Gorilla Glue Super Glue Does not work.

  51. gayla says:

    @Jackie- go to Dollartree .com- they have the candlesticks….u have to buy box of 12……for 12 dollars.

  52. Ken says:

    Getting ready to try Devcon High Strength 2 Ton Epoxy, from Ace Hardware, on this project. This epoxy is not recommended above 200 F. The red-neck wine glasses I saw in the store recommend hand washing, not machine. Dishwasher temp is about 125.

    This epoxy is listed as waterproof. It is a 2-part epoxy that has 30 minutes of working time, with full strength in 8 hours. I have used this product on many, many projects and repairs. It flunked twice, but it has been successful about 98 times.

  53. Bhipoket says:

    have used Locktite glass glue and Liquid Nails. Did fine first use, but second time around after putting ice and liquid in the glass, they just came apart. Will try some of the other glues mentioned. Good luck ! Kirsten, what do you and your dad use to put them together ?

    • Novella Rosson says:

      I think you need to let warm to room temp after having ice in them, then as someone else said, handwash with lukewarm water…never immerse the seam in water. Just wipe the outside.

  54. Sherri says:

    Where do I find marbles, particularly looking for purple. Also, if decoratimg with gems what kind of adhesive do i use to hold them?

  55. Sherri says:

    Where do i find marbles, particularly purple ones. Also, if im glueing gems for decoration what do i use that wont come odd while washing?

  56. Carol says:

    my glasses were a giant hit for Christmas presents. Some laughed their heads off others said they were so cool, and of course there were the copiers, which made several from my directions and type of glue to use, everybody loved them, my brother will get a set for his Febuary birthday

  57. Susan says:

    I’m wanting to put pink beads in mine and put breast cancer pink ribbon on mine
    Considering I have breast cancer and plan to sale mine and donate money to find a cure. Can anyone tell me if I should use a decal or paint the pink ribbon ?

  58. Novella Rosson says:

    I have tried every glue suggested and almost every brand/type has had a few that came apart when washed. My husband came up with a great disclaimer to include with the ones sold or given as gifts…..”Although these Redneck Wine Glasses were made with care, when hand washed (as suggested) some have separated. If this happens to you….please look upon it as a “Two-fer”. You will have a perfectly useful Mason Jar in one hand and an equally useful Candle Holder in the other hand.” Enjoy!

  59. Catherine says:

    After reading all the comments, here is what I know works. Use Devcon Clear Epoxy.(Lowes)
    Buy some Armour Etching Cream (Michael’s) and etch the top lip of the candlestick and the bottom of the jar. The glass is tough so I let the etching cream on for 30 minutes. Then rinse the etching off with water, dry the glass, and apply it a second time for 20 minutes. Again, rinse it off and dry. (Note: On the bottom of the quart jar I applied the etching cream in a 1/4 inch wide circle. The the diameter of the circle is the same size as the top of the candlestick ~1 3/4 inches. Mark the circle with a skinny Sharpie pen~fine point.) It should look like a 1/4 inch wide ring when etched. The center part of the circle should not be touched with the etching cream. The frosted looking etching will disappear once glued.
    Glue, following the etching pattern that is now on the jar and candlestick. Turn the jar upside down and place the lips of the candle on top of the bottom of the jar. Center the candlestick and put a weight on top of the candlestick bottom. Let cure for 48 hours.
    Then, apply a thin coat of Dap All-Purpose Adhesive Sealant 100% Silicone 2.8Fl. oz. (Home Depot) around the lip of candlestick. ( Like you would caulk around something to seal it, etc.) It is food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. This should seal the epoxy from ever getting wet. Let cure according to directions. Enjoy making your Redneck Wine Goblet.

  60. Debbie says:

    I am going to try to make the red neck wineglasses for my daughter senior serve meal, we are going western. I don’t know were to get the bling boots, bling star, or crosses that they put on them. They sale the red neck wine glasses at Buc-ee’s Truck Stop/Gas Stations, Where do you buy the bling they put on the purses? I want to put the on the mugs.

  61. Brenda says:

    I fell in love with these glasses and have made and sold about 120 since Sept 2011. I have always used E6000 and weigh 3 glasses in a row with a foil covered brick for about 3-4 days. I haven’t ever had a problem with the E6000 not sticking, in fact it stuck too much. Around Christmas last year, I had another for 36 plain pints and Dollar Tree had the candle holders on back order for a long time. I purchased gallons of aceatone nail polish remover and had to soak the finshed glasses made out of other sized jelly jars for days trying to get the E6000 loose to reuse the candle holders. I had made all different sizes of jelly jars with the candle holders, but the pint size ones are still the best sellers! Anyway, the E6000 held way too good for me! I finally got all of the pints made and now am starting on the leftover orders from last year. I use the Mainstay pints from Walmart for the simple reason that I personalize with bling letters, and any good quality stickers. I also make bracelets for the glasses and make my own charms for letters, football teams, etc. Lastly, I cut out felt, fabric, scrapbooking paper circles and glue to the lid and then glue to the ring. It just makes the glasses alittle more different. I add my story and directions for use on a slip of paper and put it inside the jar, and it is ready to use or give as a gift. Have an order for two wedding this summer for pints and handle jars, and have my first set of glasses on the front deck drying.

  62. Kristina says:


    We’re you able to run yours through the dishwasher?

    • Linda says:

      I have hand wash only.

    • brenda says:

      I do not put mine in the dishwasher and on my notes that I include with each glass says to handwash only. I personally do not see the need for putting them in the dishwasher. I do not put my good crystal in the dishwasher, so I treat them the same.

  63. Julie says:

    I want to glue a handle to the side of a quart jar. I wonder if any of these glues would be strong enough to hold the weight of the jar filled with liquid.

    I had a 32 oz jar with a handle on it and broke it awhile back. I have tried to find a replacement but apparently they are “collectible” and I refuse to pay $20+ (the going price on ebay) for a new ice tea mug.

    Next best thing is put a handle on it myself.

  64. Michele says:

    The best adhesive for these is Pureaffix, formerly know as Nano 470. It is a glass to glass adhesive. It has an incredibly strong bond, and it does not bubble or color, and it dries optically clear.

    I can be reached at for further information.

  65. Gary says:

    What is the best water based paint to use on my wine glasses? M I ordered a stencil of my company logo and they said to use only water based paints. I’m afraid after I wash them a few times the paint will start to come off.

  66. Linda says:

    I found Loctite Class Glue, dishwasher sage, glues glass to glass. I used this and found that they fell apart. I believe the reason is because the candle stick and the mason jars do not fit together perfectly (tight seal when glued). This causes water from the dishwasher to get into the candlestick and breakdown the glue. I also tiried The Origianl Super Glue glass adhesive. One fell apart and one stayed together. The problem was the one that stayed together has water in the candle holder. It looks nasty. That is the reason I concluded that there is not a tight fit.

    I am going to try to glue to candlestick and then add a bit of glue around on the outside to see how it works. I might also try to sand down the candle stick to get rid of some of the imperfections that might exist. I will have to find out what sand paper to use to sand glass. I also noted that some mason jars have raised letters and numbers on the bottom which could also cause them to not adhere well.

    I do know S6000 does not work. My friend did 14 jars, put them in the dishwasher several days later and they all fell apart. S6000 is a flexible glue. Flexible just doesn’t fit the use. You need something that is firm and will hold two pieces of glass together.

    I plan to call the manufacture of the Loctite glass glue to see what they have to say.

  67. Jenny says:

    I just found this on Pinterest and wanted to tell you I saw these already made at WM the other day! You must have had a good idea Too funny!

  68. Dorey says:

    Does anyone know what is on the little card that comes with the Redneck wine glasses that they sell at the grocery stores in Florida?

  69. Jan says:

    I very much appreciate all the info on glues for glass-glass. Does anyone have any suggestions for adhering glass to plastic. Trying to make Redneck Wine glasses with Red Solo cups and they keep popping apart. I am going to try using the jelly jars, I like those too!

  70. Mrs.purplious says:

    I think these are reaLly really cool, I wanna make them also, but need something to put on the card being that um an afrochic…. Love love love em

  71. Sheri says:

    I have made the red Solo Cup Wine Glasses using the E6000 glue and have only had one problem. If you use too much of the glue the plastic in the solo cup gives way(not good). However once I figured that out all the rest have worked fine and I do put them in the dishwasher with no problem.

  72. Brenda Clark says:

    I attempted the red solo cup wine glass also a few months ago, but in reading the contradictions of the E6000 adhesive, I was concerned about just a piece of plastic between the “drink” and the E6000. I felt safe with the glass, but not plastic. I also tried a super glue and it did not secure. I just left well enough alone and keep making the regular type wine glass. Funny thing is that I did win a red solo cup wine glass at Keno and it was purchased at a Hallmark shop. I haven’t used it, and will have it just for show. Wonder if anyone else had this thought about the safety?

  73. amber says:

    I have made a bunch of redneck wineglasses. Up until my last batch I have never had any glue problems and I used e-6000. but this time not one of them stayed together. I did switch to the mainstays (Walmart brand) jars because they didn’t have any of the imprints on them and I thought it would be a good change and allow me to personalize them more for my customers. I let them sit for probably 5 days and they still came apart. And I hadn’t even done anything to them other than handle them.

    Not sure if it was the jar or what. Now i have to figure out how to salvage them because I already personalized them for my customer

  74. Diana says:

    Standing in line to check out at DollarTree with my dozen holders, I ran into a redneck standing behind me. Said he and his friends made 40 of these wine glasses last year for a family BBQ. Every one in attendance had plastic jewels and their name on each glass. Yhen he had the idea of putting a glow bracelet in the bottom of each jar and pouring liquid on top so it glowed all night sounded good to me! Does that make me a “redneck”?

  75. Greta says:

    Hi everyone. I have been making these glasses for quite a while now and have had super luck with the E6000. The trick that we have found is to glue them and not touch them for 48 hours. However, I have always handwashed them and suggest to all my customers that they handwash only as well. We decorate ours with vinyl polka dots and decals and they should not go through the dishwasher. I would certainly suggest you handwash the glasses especially due to them being glued together. Once we let them cure for 48 hours they have never fallen apart. We also have tried to pull them apart and have not been able to do that either.

    I do have a question though. I would love to tint some of ours and have no idea what you could tint them with that would not make them unsafe. Any ideas would be great. Thanks.

  76. Mona Thompson says:

    For fun you can put a colored marble in the candle holder before glueing the jar on. A different color marble in each glass helps guest identify their glass if they put it down, and adds a little color too.

  77. Wayne says:

    I have made over 12,000 of these glasses using e6000, and did not have any problems.

  78. Kim says:

    Where can I order straws for the redneck wine glass? Can someone help. Thanks.

  79. brenda says:

    I have bought my straws from World Market as I need them. They are just as cost effective there as ordering and paying shipping. Also they have great designs.

  80. Carol Ann St. Clair Gaw says:

    I found my candle stick holders at Dollar Tree. I was making the redneck wine glasses and cakeplates with candlesticks for a craft show. I spent alot of time making them with a glue make by Hammer Head called Glass Bond. It does not work. I cleaned with alcohol and wore gloves to keep oil from hands off. When that didn’t work I used acetone to clean, I thought that was going to work after the 24 hours as instructed. When I pulled on one it came apart and than I tried washing one and when the water sit on it, it popped off. I was very disapointed and have put everything up for now. I will try e6000. Thank you for the info.

  81. jake says:

    Has anyone used hammer head glass bond on these redneck wine glasses? I have a new tube and was going to make 10 glasses.

  82. Novella says:

    I does not work. E-6000 is the only glue for glass that worked for me and I literally ought $175 worth of glue for glass and E-6000 was the only one that works consistently.

  83. Holly says:

    You can find the candlestick holders at A.C. Moore as well, though they are a bit more expensive.

  84. Veronica says:

    I am wondering how tall are these Redneck Wine Glass, I am getting married and I’m having a vintage themed wedding and would love to use this as a centerpiece. Please let me know how long it is.

  85. Mary says:

    Have made so many and can not sell. Live in very small town and everyone is so jealous they rather buy @ store and pay more. I sell my for 15 and 10. Still no luck!! And I decorate with dice, conches, feathers, flowers ribbon, and still no sells, also made candle holders, they are cute. But no luck, what do ?

  86. pam says:

    if you drill a hole in the top you can put a straw in them for out door use no sharing your drink with the bugs.

  87. Stacy says:

    Is there a certain kind of paint to use on these that can be washed and not come off?

  88. Kelly says:

    I sandpapered the top of the candlestick and the bottom of the mason jar and I used Loctite glass glue because it was dishwasher safe and the 3rd batch of these that I made did not stay together. I also made them when the humidity in Michigan was beyond crazy and I didn’t know if that had anything to do with it or not, but I am making these for the girls in my bridal party and they just wont stay together. I am starting to get really flustered…I’ve heard different things about the E6000 glue working and not working…So I have no idea what to do…

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